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Most dark chocolate is high in flavonoids, particularly a subtype called flavanols that is associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Some studies suggest chocolate or cocoa consumption is associated with a lower risk of insulin resistance and high blood pressure in adults

Eating chocolate may have the following benefits: lowering cholesterol levels preventing cognitive decline reducing the risk of cardiovascular problem Benefits of chocolate include active heart function, mood elevation, lower blood pressure & stress. While chocolate's ability to increase blood flow to the brain can in itself make for better brain function, a research found that flavonoid in chocolate prevents the death of brain cells, thus reducing the risk of developing health ailments such as dementia and alzheimer's disease, adds Dr Akanksha

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In fact, cacao exerts a systemic effect on the body, with benefits ranging from improved blood flow and cognition to beneficial alterations in gut bacteria! Here are some of the most important benefits of chocolate (besides taste). 1. Chocolate for a better mood. Chocolate can improve your mood, especially in high-pressure or stressful situations Chocolate has many health benefits like alleviating stress, boosting brain activity, improves liver health, and many others. When mixed with milk, becomes a more nutritious drink. Chocolate milk makes a healthy addition to any diet. It's high in calcium, vitamins A and D, potassium and protein

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  1. Dark chocolate offers amazing health benefits like lowering blood pressure, fighting oxidative stress, improving heart health, preventing cancer, regulating cholesterol levels, improving cognition, and more. Its antioxidant -rich nature also promotes hair health and skincare. What is Dark Chocolate
  2. The health benefits of chocolate include reduction in the risk of heart diseases, appetite control, improved memory, mood elevation, treating cough and cold, smooth functioning of the nervous system, and stress relief. It also helps to improve vision, increase energy, protect against sunburn, and cure diarrhea
  3. In a study by University College London, it was found that those who ate chocolate, specifically dark chocolate within 24 hours had a 70% lower chance of reporting symptoms relating to depression..
  4. Dr. Sarah Speck, director of cardiovascular wellness services at Swedish talks about the health benefits of dark chocolate.Chocolate can reduce risk of heart..
  5. Chocolate improves heart health Eating chocolate can lower blood pressure, thin the blood (reducing stroke risk) and comes with anti-inflammatory benefits, thanks to a high content of chemicals..
  6. Eating dark chocolate can result in some incredible health benefits! What are they? Join Laci as she discusses why we should all be eating dark chocolate!Fol..
  7. The possible health benefits of chocolate stem from the antioxidant flavonoids. Chocolate comes from the cacao plant, and cacao is extraordinarily rich in flavanols, a type of flavonoid..

I. Benefits Of Chocolate - Main Types Of Chocolate 1. Unsweetened. This type of chocolate is made with solid chocolate liquor without added substance. It is too bitter to eat, yet lends a great chocolate flavor to cakes and brownies. This chocolate is made from a blend of fine cocoa beans which are roasted, then crushed, and ground between. Cocoa is mostly consumed as chocolate, including milk and dark chocolate (white chocolate doesn't actually have cocoa). The higher the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate, the more likely it is to produce any health benefits . In addition to chocolate, cocoa is sold as cocoa beans, nibs, liquor, powder, and husk [88, 89] Eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate may benefit health in many ways. In fact, some research suggests that chocolate is now considered an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory superfood for the brain and body. Although we need a lot more research before experts agree, some studies examining the health benefits of chocolate suggest new and exciting chocolate benefits, particularly in the.

Health Benefits of Chocolate: 1. Helps heart to stay healthy - Chocolates contain flavonoids that help your veins and arteries to stay supple. A study was conducted with more than one lakh people who were given dark chocolate for a week. The results showed that the risk of getting a heart attack was reduced by 37% Cocoa is rich in plant chemicals called flavanols that may help to protect the heart. Dark chocolate contains up to 2-3 times more flavanol-rich cocoa solids than milk chocolate Main benefits of chocolate therapy. A review of studies published in The Netherlands Journal of Medicine shows that chocolate contains active phenolic compounds that are beneficial to human health. In particular, it stands out for its antioxidant potential, which helps prevent premature aging. However, although the evidence on chocolate therapy is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests that it. ADVANTAGES: A classic chocolate can definitely renew the soul for it has a chemical called tryptophan that helps the brain to function well and creates a feeling of excitement or elation. Moreover, it has anti-oxidants that can also be found in teas or wines. It lowers the cholesterol. Also lowers the Blood Pressure However, the recent meta-analysis mentioned earlier found that chocolate in any form—dark or light; in the form of chocolate bars, chocolate drinks or chocolate confections—was associated with cardiovascular benefit. The EPIC-Norfolk study showed the same thing—milk chocolate and dark chocolate both appeared to confer benefits

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  1. imally processed, which means most of its antioxidants are still intact. The antioxidants in dark chocolate will help to combat free radicals. The result is a lower risk of oxidative stress and free radical damage--both of which contribute to aging, cancer, and disease. 8
  2. Benefits of Chocolate Milk. While the health benefits of chocolate milk are not as great as for cacao and dark chocolate, it can be good for post-workout recovery. Chocolate milk contains electrolytes such as calcium, potassium and magnesium which help to replenish nutrients that have been lost through sweating
  3. Chocolate, as observed by the study, blunts the body's response to the brain's signals of stress. This reduces the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. 5 It also makes the body release mood-lifting endorphins that further counter the effect of cortisol. You might think that it is the sugar in chocolate that lifts your mood, but in truth, the cocoa solids present in both dark and.
  4. The benefits greatly depend on the type of chocolate that is consumed and the percentage of cacao bean it has. The higher percentage of cacao, more health is the chocolate. The best chocolate is the darkest, which contains 60 to 70 percentage of cacao and small amount of sugar. Dark chocolate is proven to be good for the heart
  5. Is chocolate really good for the heart and brain, or is it just wishful thinking? With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's only a matter of time before the media starts salivating over the latest research touting the health benefits of chocolate. According to the headlines, chocolate is good for you, heart-healthy, and able to.
  6. Merits of Chocolate • Imposing positive health benefits in PAD patients • Chocolate is a Mood Elavator • Best facial massage pack • Powerful Source of Andioxidants • Lower the Risk of cardiovascular disease • Protect from UV rays • Prevent memory decline • Lower cholesterol levels. 9

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The Beauty Benefits Of Dark Chocolate 1631 Words | 7 Pages. Curt Duffy English 101 10 Dec 2015 The beauty benefits of dark chocolate It is a well-known fact that chocolate has become one of the most popular food types and flavors nowadays. However, many people tend to forget its origin Health benefits of chocolate. Good heart food. Several recent studies have examined the role that chocolate may have on heart health. Cacao beans are full of phytonutrients, which act as. Health Benefits of White Chocolate; Health Benefits of Mung Beans; Health Benefits of Red Spinach; Effective for Weight Loss; It is true that the processed chocolate could cause weight gain but the raw version is surprisingly having an opposite effect which is very effective for weight loss. First, cocoa is able to shrink appetite so it is.

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Nutrients in Chocolate. One ounce of dark chocolate (70 - 85% cacao solids) contains 168 calories, 3.1 grams of fiber, 27% of the DV for manganese, 25% of the DV for copper, 19% of the DV for iron, 16% of the DV for magnesium, and smaller amounts of zinc, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and. Main benefits of chocolate therapy 1. Blood circulation. Chocolate is believed to help improve blood circulation due to its theobromine content. According... 2. Stress. The smell and taste of chocolate are pleasant to humans. For that reason, upon contact with this product, the... 3. Healthy skin.. Studies denote that chocolates, especially dark ones, are beneficial to health. Here are some of the amazing benefits of chocolate: 1. It helps your heart to stay healthy. Flavonoids in chocolate can help veins and arteries to stay supple. Over 7 studies followed 114,000 participants who were given few servings of dark chocolate a week

Hot chocolate is a delicious super drink that is made from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are ground well and after excluding sugar hot chocolate is obtained. Hot chocolate is well to do with flavanols; a class of flavonoids. Flavonoids work as an anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and save us from heart diseases The benefits of chocolate. Although it seems as though it is made of sugar and happiness, chocolate is also full of minerals as it has a whole load of potassium, zinc, and selenium in it. In fact, if you ate a 100g bar of 70% dark chocolate, you would get 67% of the recommended daily allowance of iron - result Dark chocolate is a rich source of fiber, loaded with iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and other minerals. You'll get the most flavanols from chocolate that's 70% or more dark. Nutrients per Servin

So the benefits of chocolate can also increase insulin. 6. Lose Weight Unlike the benefits of fruits which are known to be good for maintaining body weight, consuming chocolate is a fear for dieters. In research conducted by the University of Copenhagen resulted in the discovery that dark chocolate provides a feeling of fullness such as the. The caveat of consuming chocolate for its health benefits is the requirement that the chocolate or cocoa contains an effective dose of the active components. Flavonoid content varies by the proportion of cocoa liquor present in different types of chocolate (white, milk, and dark), but even within categories there may be significant variation.

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Let's look at the benefits of consuming chocolate, including: 1. Inhibits aging. Wow, this is the benefit that will be given if we always consume chocolate, maybe many people who do not know that chocolate has benefits such as inhibiting aging in the human body. Chocolate can inhibit aging because chocolate contains natural antioxidants that. John Finley, a researcher on this study and professor of food science and biochemistry at Louisiana State University, personally reaps the benefits of chocolate, but avoids the fat and sugar that. The more chocolate is processed, though, the more flavanols are lost. Adding sugar also diminishes the nutritional value. Your best bet for the most benefits is unsweetened cocoa powder or dark chocolate with at least 72 percent cocoa. It's healthy to enjoy moderate portions of dark chocolate (e.g., 1 ounce) a few times per week Additionally, dark chocolate contains antioxidants. Here is a list of some of the most significant benefits of chocolate: 1. It is good for your heart. Chocolate contains high levels of flavonoids, which are paramount in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, consequently reducing the risk of heart disease Immune boosting benefits. Chocolate mint is loaded with vitamin A and can help fortify your immune system against germs and bacteria that may cause you to become sick. Plus, it can even help prevent other diseases like heart disease and diabetes by reducing the levels of free radicals found in the body

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HEALTH BENEFITS OF CHOCOLATE. We love chocolate in the UK. Nearly one in six Brits (and a quarter of Londoners) eat chocolate every day with only 5% of people saying they never eat chocolate. Of course, there is a big difference between your average Snickers or Mars Bar and high quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or above Hot chocolate is made by heating cocoa with milk or water (plus some sugar). Chocolate is a combination of cocoa, cocoa butter (fat from the cacao bean), and sugar. Dark chocolate is particularly high in flavanols. It's thought many of the health benefits of chocolate are due to its flavanols As chocolate contains high calories, we suggest you eat chocolate accordingly. Try not to overindulge in chocolate, there are various other foods as well which reduces stress and anxiety. 1. Bittersweet chocolate. These chocolates are also referred to as Extra-dark chocolates. Benefits of bittersweet chocolates are: 1. High on nutrition. 2 Chocolate also contains high calories and caffeine. The health benefits of chocolate may also be related to theobromine and theophylline which act as stimulants. Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of caffeine, antioxidants, theobromine, and theophylline, but less sugar and saturated fat than milk chocolate

One of the biggest benefits that researchers tout is the role dark chocolate may play in improving heart health. A meta-analysis of eight studies on the link between chocolate consumption and. Health Benefits of Beer; Chocolate is a good food for the body, especially the heart, where heart would be helped by their direct effects on blood vessels. In addition, there are many health benefits of white chocolate but some people are particularly vulnerable chocolate causes acne According to scientists have research on chocolate the first traces of chocolate in the form of cocoa beans were found 4000 years ago in ancient Mesoamerica, present day Mexico. The Mayan and the Aztec civilization consumed chocolate through beverages and also used it in rituals and sacrifices. Today, in the 21st Century, African countries lik Benefits of Chocolate Pudding Chocolate is made from the fruit of the cacao tree. Nut trees undergo a large number of processing before the chocolate is produced, but ended up with a lot of antioxidants. Chocolate is believed to increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, which has the effect of spirit.. Known for its delicious taste, chocolate is loved by many. In 2015, worldwide chocolate sales exceeded 100 billion dollars.And while chocolate has some health benefits, these alleged advantages may come at a price

Benefits of Dark Chocolate. 1. Protection from Disease-Causing Free Radicals. One of the best benefits of dark chocolate is its ability to fight free radicals. Free radicals are harmful compounds created by cellular processes in the body that can contribute to inflammation and chronic disease Dark chocolate is rich in minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. The cocoa in dark chocolate also contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which may provide several health benefits Dark chocolate is less processed than other types of chocolate. This means that it contains fewer of the bad ingredients, while it is also a source of many good ingredients. When eaten in moderation, chocolate can be good for us, providing us with numerous health benefits. This article looks at 10 of those benefits Overall Health Benefits Of Chocolate. Your skeleton isn't the only body system to get a boost from chocolate. Here are some other benefits to consider. Improved Cardiovascular Health. It's well-known that the antioxidants in chocolate produce an anti-inflammatory effect, which is the main culprit behind cardiovascular disease..

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Hemp Chocolate: A Positive Food For Your Health. Hemp chocolate is an incredible way to receive all the benefits of hemp but masked as indulging. With all the amazing benefits hemp provides, fitting it into your diet is a no-brainer, especially when it tastes like a treat! There are a variety of ways to use hemp The fact is that chocolate has a number of health benefits, especially dark chocolate. It is important to note that the potential health benefits of processed, highly sweetened chocolate are slim to none, but the health benefits of dark chocolate are numerous and quite impressive

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Chocolate contains caffeine, the enemy of a good night's rest. In fact, the more cacao there is in a bar of chocolate, the more caffeine it contains, which is a chemical responsible for making us feel alert and disrupting our sleep. So, dark chocolate — which has more cocoa — could be a bad option to snack on before bed The benefits of dark chocolate have long been heard in various media, but many also consider it a lie and a thing that is not true. In fact, black chocolate is really beneficial for men and women's health. however, these properties are obtained if you consume moderation Dark chocolate has been minimally processed, which means most of its antioxidants are still intact. The antioxidants in dark chocolate will help to combat free radicals. The result is a lower risk of oxidative stress and free radical damage--both of which contribute to aging, cancer, and disease. 8 Mint is a popular ingredient in several foods and beverages. This article takes a closer look at eight science-based health benefits of mint

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  1. 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Hot Chocolate By Caroline In any region, hot chocolate is a cup of cheer especially as the weather starts cooling down. Real chocolate with real milk and unrefined sugar is an incredibly complex substance, containing 400-500 different health benefiting compounds..
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  3. B. Dark chocolate covered raisins combine two really nutritious foods: raisin and dark chocolate
  4. Dark chocolate contains 50-90% cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and a little sugar. The darker you go, the more antioxidants and health benefits. Choose 70% dark chocolate or higher to obtain the most health benefits (see below). White chocolate contains only cocoa butter (at least 20% by weight) -no cocoa solids- combined with sugar and milk
  5. Health Benefits of Ice Cream. Whenever you dig into a bowl of ice-cream, you may feel guilty and feel that your evening workout at the gym just went into vain. However, when you read the following health benefits of ice cream, you may not feel the same
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  1. erals that have been shown to provide a wealth of health benefits.While it may not taste exceptional on its own, it can be used as an ingredient in many.
  2. Researchers found that dark chocolate provides similar benefits to beetroot juice taken regularly by elite athletes to boost performance. Here are the 6 health benefits of dark chocolate that can affect positively on your health and fitness plans: Anti-Stress; Scientific study proves that eating a chocolate bar can help you relieve stress
  3. Most research looking into chocolate's benefits is performed using high cocoa flavanol doses. For this reason, to increase your chances of getting similar benefits as those described below, it's best to stick to the high-quality stuff. By that, I mean chocolate with at least 70% cacao
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The benefits of chocolate Eur Ann Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Dis. 2014 Feb;131(1):3. doi: 10.1016/j.anorl.2014.01.001. Authors O Laccourreye 1 , C Martin 2 Affiliations 1 Université Paris-Descartes Sorbonne Paris Cité, hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou, AP-HP, Service ORL et Chirurgie Cervico-faciale, 20, rue Leblanc, 75015 Paris cedex 15. While chocolate is popular and has some specific benefits, you may still have to keep an eye on how much you consume. You will lose many benefits of chocolate if you scoff lots of it. Still, you can include dark chocolate in your diet to enjoy amazing benefits - it should come with a cocoa percentage of 70% or more The only catch is that it has to be dark chocolate; the higher the cacao percentage the better. And also, it's healthier if you stick to eating just one or two pieces a day. But apart from that, go wild. Here are 7 health benefits you can enjoy as a result of eating chocolate

Recently, hopeful discussions about the health Many studies investigate the benefits hidden in chocolate effects of eating dark chocolate creep into headlines, Chocolate on cardiovascular health, May be Healthy After all and hypertension, and diabetes. propels some of us to eat Experimenters use dark anything that remotely resembles. The 7 top benefits of chocolate for your skin and hair 1) It's a fantastic natural moisturiser Cocoa beans are packed with fatty acids (including oleic acid, palmitic acid and... 2) Helps to protect your skin from damage Antioxidants protect your skin from the damage caused by free-radicals, and.... Here come the benefits: 1. Chocolate is good for a healthier heart Research claims that has cardiovascular benefits and it also has antioxidants and flavonoids that reduced the blood pressure-raising effects of exercise on overweight individuals. One square of dark chocolate a day is recommended to help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke 1. Chocolate reduces blood pressure. The flavonoids found in cocoa help in the control of the arterial tension, by... 2. Dark chocolate can decrease by 50% the risk of a heart attack, coronary disease by 10%, and premature death by 8%. 3. It improves blood circulation to the brain for two to three. The following are some types of chocolate can be distinguished, namely: 1.Pure chocolate pure chocolate here is unsweetened chocolate, especially chocolate contains cocoa solids and cocoa... 2. Milk chocolate sweet The chocolate with added milk powder or condensed milk, or used in the call Whith.

But apart from a healthy and sharp brain, there are other mind-boggling benefits of eating chocolates like killing obesity, increasing the life expectancy etc. miriam cohen. August 22, 2017. I knew it all along! Chocolate (dark, 70 % and up ) is food for the Gods! I'm sure it helped scientists and writers win the Nobel prize The bottom line is that indulging in a small amount of dark chocolate might be the perfect dessert - satisfying your sweet tooth while treating your body to the many health benefits of chocolate. So next time you're craving dessert, reach for the dark chocolate, and hold the guilt. For more information about the health benefits of chocolate

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The latest research backs up claims that chocolate has cardiovascular benefits: In a 9-year Swedish study of more than 31,000 women, those who ate one or two servings of dark chocolate each week. Read about the health benefits of Chocolate Creations 70% organic dark chocolate; certified organic, non-GMO, fair trade, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and no lecithin

5 Health Benefits of Chocolate (Cacao) So why would you want to go to all the trouble to consume raw cacao when cocoa and chocolate is so much cheaper and readily available? The reason is nutrition. There are few foods out there that compare to raw cacao in terms of mineral content, healthy fats, and especially antioxidant level.. Chocolate's health benefits come from cocoa- not added fillers or sugars - so the key is choosing a treat that has the highest percentage of cocoa. How to select the healthiest chocolate. In its unprocessed state, chocolate is slightly bitter and acidic, which is why many chocolate manufacturers add sugar and other fillers to raise its pH. Chocolate soothes and relaxes the brain; gives happiness, causes the brain to release endorphin. This excretion provides us to feel happy. Do not Forget the Oil and Sugar in It. As a result, along with many benefits of chocolate, it shouldn't be ignored that chocolate contains high level of oil and sugar in it Many are skeptical about these so-called benefits and view pro-chocolate studies as highly biased since these were commissioned by the chocolate manufacturers themselves. Some researchers question the supposed benefits of flavonoids saying that sufficient tests in a controlled environment have not been done (Tanner, 2003) Benefits of milk chocolate are: 1. High in calcium 2. Good for heart 3. Improves mental health 4. Slows down aging 5. Fight cold 6. Stop tooth decaying 7. Reduces stress. You can Do Chocolate Meditation Too. 8. Reduces weigh

16 Benefits of Cocoa. Lower Cardiovascular Risk and Cholesterol. Studies have proven that chocolate containing plant sterols (PS) and cocoa flavanols (CF) have been shown to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) AND blood pressure! Full of Antioxidants. Cocoa has large concentrations of flavonoids, epicatechin, catechin, and procyanidins However, dark chocolate is high in calories (150-170 per ounce) and can contribute to weight gain if eaten in excess. Choosing dark chocolate to satisfy a craving, IN SMALL quantities may offer a health benefit as well. Fighting the Craving. Chocolate has a complex rich flavor which arises from two factors Chocolate's cancer prevention agent potential may have a scope of medical advantages. The higher the cocoa content, as in dull chocolate, the more advantages there are. Dim chocolate may likewise contain less fat and sugar, yet it is vital to check the name. some benefits of chocolates for health are: bringing down cholesterol level Benefits Of Chocolate And Red Wine. Yes, it's an excellent source for fighting against stress, anxiety, insomnia, body pain, mental fatigue. People suffer from such mental diseases that affect their physical health. Red wine and chocolate have flavonoids that drastically reacts on the brain cells. It generates serotonin in the body that leads. Benefits of Chocolates: 5 Reasons Why You Should Nibble on Some Chocolates, Now! India.com Lifestyle Staff | February 8, 2021 1:34 PM IST. Benefits of Chocolates: We list 5 reasons why you should.

Chocolates that have a high cacao content are rich in polyphenols and minerals. Polyphenols are the chemical compounds responsible for the health benefits of chocolate. They are also found in fruits, vegetables, and red wine. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate The Benefits of Chocolate. share. By Quirine Eijkenboom . Love chocolate? Good news! Researchers continue to discover more and more benefits of the compound epicatechin found in cacao. This compound has repeatedly been shown to have many health benefits and is also able to combat certain diseases

Dark chocolates such as semi-sweet chips are high in antioxidants. This is a welcome addition for this sweet morsel. According to the 2006, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, natural cocoas have the highest levels of antioxidants followed by dark chocolates such as semi-sweet morsels and lastly milk chocolates and syrups benefits of drinking green tea PowerPoint Presentation. Green tea has many powerful health benefits, including improved heart disease, prevent obesity and a lower risk of many diseases. View and read this green tea powerpoint presentation and know health benefits of drinking green tea with this green tea ppt presentation Benefits of white chocolate. Utterly devoid of cocoa, white chocolate only contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk. Therefore, it is deprived of cocoa's health benefits and is more like a confectionery or a spread, rich in sugar and fat but low in nutrients

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Dark chocolate is rich in minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. The cocoa in dark chocolate also contains antioxidants called flavonoids, and polyphenols which may provide several health benefits. Antioxidants generally neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress Why is chocolate milk a good post-exercise recovery drink? 20+ studies support the benefits of recovering with the high-quality protein and nutrients in lowfat chocolate milk. How you refuel after strenuous exercise can make a difference in how well you perform during your next workout - that's why athletes grab chocolate milk for recovery

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Most of the health benefits associated with chocolate are tied specifically to dark chocolate, as noted in the November 2011 study. Dark chocolate contains a higher concentration of cocoa, which contains beneficial phenolic antioxidants. Milk and white chocolate have less of these compounds Benefits of Dark Chocolate: Antioxidants: Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants like epicatechin and cocoa phenols. Antioxidants, in particular, are compounds that help fight off free radicals and other substances that are harmful to our cells and may lead to a slew of cardiovascular and other health issues. Science is still unclear on the. Dark Chocolate Benefits. Dark chocolate is a potent source of procyanidins, a class of flavonoids. Flavonoids, in general, function as antioxidants in the body. However, the procyanidins in dark chocolate serve a far more important role than just being antioxidants. As it turns out, this class of flavonoids are capable of preventing the growth. Dark chocolate is more nutritious and embodies more health benefits than milk chocolates. Vitamin E found in chocolates is an important antioxidant and helps protect the cell walls. Healthy fats. The fat content in chocolate is derived from cocoa butter and is composed of equal amounts of oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid Chocolate, like coffee and tea, is loaded with over 300 powerful chemicals and antioxidants that deliver numerous health benefits (when consumed without milk and sugar). The cacao tree was given the botanical name Theobroma cacao or food of the gods, while others have called it the food of the devil

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